Aescap Life Sciences

The name Aescap is derived from Aesculapius, the Roman god of Medicine, and “Capital”.  With over 30 years of experience investing in the life sciences market, Aescap Life Sciences provide investors to invest into the future winners of this industry. An investment in the fund will not only generate a good return on investment, it also enables the development of better treatments for diseases with a high unmet medical need such as ALS, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Cancer, MS, Obesity, Parkinson’s and many others.

The fund has a focused portfolio, investing in approximately 20 companies mainly in Europe and the US. In order to reduce the risks of investing in this sector, the fund diversifies its portfolio over many disease areas, different phases of company development and geographical areas.

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The Fund’s objective is to make an average minimum Annual Net Return (after deduction of costs) of +20% over the mid-term (4-5 years). The minimum subscription amount is €101.000,-.

For wealth managers there is no minimum investment amount, though the minimum subscription amount is EUR 10.000,- (this amount can be divided over several investors). Investors can enter and exit the fund twice a month.

ISIN Code Aescap Life Sciences: NL0012343958

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