Investing in Transformative Biotech Companies

Our two investment funds, Aescap Life Sciences and Aescap Genetics, invest in publicly traded biotech / life sciences companies. They both invest in high-growth, highly innovative companies that develop and market new medicines and, to a lesser extent, diagnostics and medical devices. The funds are registered with the Dutch Authority Financial Markets (AFM) and are managed by an experienced team with a great track record. The funds aim to generate preferred financial returns and in parallel impact the quality of live of millions of people. The name Aescap is derived from ‘Aesculapius’, the Roman god of Medicine, and ‘Capital’.

Biotech Market

The biotech sector, also known as the life sciences sector, is a large and fast-growing sector. This growth is driven by a globally aging population and the growing demand for western medicine in emerging markets. Another growth factor for the biotech sector is the high pace of  innovation, which has taken big leaps in recent years in areas such as RNA, gene and cell therapies. These new medicines will replace the vast majority of medicine over the coming decade. With around 1000 public biotech companies in the Western world only it requires quite some expertise to navigate the investment landscape and find de-risked companies with a high earning power that are still undervalued.

Update via Webcast

Our presentation for existing and interested investors is currently replaced by a webcast. The next webcast will be held on June 22, 2022 at 15.00 CEST

Meet the Investment Team

The Aescap investment team, led by Portfolio Manager Patrick Krol, consists of experienced professionals with different backgrounds, each playing an essential role in the performance of our biotech funds. The team manages portfolios of successful biotech companies with the aim to providing a good financial return to our investors, and in parallel contribute to improving the well-being of millions of patients.

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