Investing in Transformative Biotech Companies

Humanity will always depend on medicines. Continuous innovation in the biotech sector is a given, bringing better medicines to the market all the time. Aescap is able to select those companies that are developing tomorrow’s medicines. Thereby it can achieve excellent returns over the medium term, without taking large risks.

The Aescap funds invest in highly innovative publicly traded biotech / life sciences companies. The funds are supervised by an AIFM and managed by an experienced investment team with an excellent track record that invests significantly in the Aescap funds. Aescap is heavily involved with the companies it invests in, acting as a private equity investor on the stock market. The name Aescap is derived from ‘Aesculapius’, the Roman god of Medicine, and ‘Capital’.


The companies in the portfolios of the Aescap biotech funds address medical needs that are not met by products available today.

We believe everybody has the right to receive the best medical care available. Aescap’s investments have positively affected society and have already resulted in an improvement of the quality of life of millions of people worldwide.

Update via Webcast

Our presentation for existing and interested investors is currently replaced by a webcast. The next webcast date and time will be shared on this page soon.

Meet the Investment Team

The Aescap investment team, led by portfolio manager Patrick Krol, consists of experienced professionals with different backgrounds in the health care industry. Aescap aims to providing a good financial return to their investors, and in parallel contribute to improving the well-being of millions of people. The team invests in the Aescap funds themselves with over 25 million euro.

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