How to make initial subscriptions in Aescap

An investment in the fund can be initiated by sending the subscription form and required KYC documentation to IQEQ Financial Services BV, via

IQEQ Financial Services BV is responsible for the fund- and participant administration. In parallel to sending the subscription form, the subscription amount needs to be transferred to the bank account NL51ABNA0494667826 of the Legal Owner of the fund ‘Stichting Aescap Life Sciences’, under the subject ‘Investment in Aescap Life Sciences’.

The minimum subscription amount is €101.000,-. For wealth managers there is no minimum investment amount, though the minimum subscription amount is EUR 10.000,- (this amount can be divided over several investors). You will receive a confirmation of your investment from IQEQ Financial Services B.V. after the completion of their client due diligence and upon receipt of the subscription form and investment amount.

Investors will also receive an email with a unique username and password to have access to their personal investor information on the investor portal hosted by the fund administrator IQEQ at all times.

How to make an additional investment

Additional investments need to take place through the same bank account being used when the initial investment was made. Investors need to provide the subscription form for additional investments to IQEQ Financial Services BV. The additional investment amount needs to be transferred to ‘Stichting Aescap Life Sciences’, bank account NL51ABNA0494667826 and state under ‘subject’: ‘Investment in Aescap Life Sciences’. An additional investment can be made twice a month.

Investor’s information