Fund setup

Fund management

Patrick Krol is the Portfolio Manager and together with the Investment Team, he manages the investments of the Aescap funds. Privium Fund Management B.V. (Privium) is the Alternative Investment Fund Manager of the fund. The Fund Manager is responsible for the management of the fund per the provisions of the Fund Documents and applicable laws. Privium Fund Management B.V. is authorized and regulated by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets ( as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) as referred to in article 2:65 (a). Both Privium and the funds are registered in the Register of AFM. Privium is a Fund Manager with offices in Amsterdam, London, Hong Kong and Singapore and focuses on alternative investments. As a group, Privium is managing over USD 3 billion. For additional information on the Fund Manager please visit Privium’s website.

Structure, service providers and governance

Both Aescap funds are funds for joint account, also known in Dutch as FGR (Fonds voor Gemene Rekening). They are tax transparent meaning they don’t pay corporate income tax. Stichting Aescap Life Sciences acts as the Legal Owner of the Aescap Life Sciences Fund. Stichting Aescap Genetics acts as the Legal Owner of the Aescap Genetics Fund. The Legal Owner’s statutory purpose is to act as Legal Owner of the investments of the Fund and to protect the interests of the investors as required by law. IQEQ Financial Services B.V has been appointed to provide certain financial, accounting, administrative and other services to the Fund. This includes the calculation of the Net Asset Value of the Fund, as well as, the participant administration. APEX Depositary Services has been appointed as Depositary and has the task to safeguard the interests of the investors of the Fund. The Depositary has delegated the safekeeping (custody) of the relevant Fund Assets to Saxo Bank.

List of involved parties

List of parties involved with Aescap

Investor Advisory Committee

Peter Jan Rubingh

Peter Jan has more than 35 years of experience in investing. He has invested in different disciplines, in almost all asset classes, and in good and bad times. From 1979 – 1993 Peter Jan worked at the Noro Group of Companies, then from 1993 – 2008 at both his own company TPR Partners and at W.P. Stewart & Co, thereafter from 2009 – 2013 at Oyens & Van Eeghen. Peter Jan has been independent as of 2014 and is mainly active as an involved and dedicated investor.

Fred Oudshoorn

Fred is the founder and managing director of Jonghoud BV, an investment firm in amongst others, equity of private and listed healthcare companies. As a pharmacist, he built a chain of 40 pharmacies “De Vier Vijzels” which was later acquired by Alliance Unichem. He is also a founder of MediZorg, the former chairman of Sinensis Laboratoria and a supervisory board member of Kadans and Kadans Science Partners.

Henk Broeders

Henk brings in extensive knowledge and experience which he gained at McKinsey in the international Financial and Insurance practice. He is currently Vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board and member of the Audit & Risk Committee at PGGM, member of the Supervisory  Board and chairman of the Audit Committee of the Alexander Monro Breast cancer hospital, Chairman Supervisory Board and member Audit & Risk at Stater N.V., member Supervisory Council and member Audit Committee Stichting Leger des Heils Welzijn & Gezondheidszorg, Chairman of the Board Stichting Hanarth Fonds (cancer research investment foundation) Chairman of the Board Stichting Steun Amsterdam UMC Alzheimer Centrum,  Board advisor iClusion B.V. (oncological clinical trial start-up) – External senior Advisor  McKinsey & Company, member Advisory board Stichting Steun Zorg na Werk in Corona (ZWiC) – Member Advisory board 

Fund setup