A service for Aescap relations looking for possible new treatment options for life threatening diseases

Do you have a disease for which you have been informed that there is no (further) treatment available? Our Cure-Finder service could provide insight on potential available options that aren’t yet on your doctor’s radar.

Cure-Finder, an opportunity for patients out-of-treatment

People with a life-threatening or severe illness sometimes are confronted with a situation where approved medicines or other forms of treatment are not available or have shown not to be effective. This doesn’t always mean there are no alternatives left.

Medicine development has taken a leap and regulators in different areas of the world have a different pace or criteria for approving medicines. Therefore doctors aren’t always aware of alternatives. There could be medicines in development, being studied in clinical trials, that could be potential treatment options.

A simple web search isn’t sufficient to get all the options available. Next to that, there is a difference in nomenclature between patients and doctors. For example, where a patient calls something eczema, doctors may talk about atopic dermatitis.

Aescap’s Cure-Finder might be able to help people who thought they had entered a dead-end street.

How does Cure-Finder work?

1. We start by collecting all relevant data.

2. Then we use our databases to define if treatment options are available:

  • Medicines on the market in other countries.
  • Medicines available through ‘Early access’ programs.
  • Medicines still being tested in clinical studies.

3. We share these data with the patient and/or doctor and define together if we should get in contact with:

  • Any company that has a medicine on the market but not yet in the territory of where the patient lives.
  • Any hospital performing a clinical study close to where the patient is located.

More information?

The PDF includes extra information about our Cure-Finder service for Aescap relations. You could download the Cure-Finder PDF by clicking this link or the button below.

For all questions, please check our contact details here.

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